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Using DocuSign

With DocuSign you can digitally sign documents sent to you via email or from within the DocuSign application. You can also send documents to others inside Georgia Tech as well as externally for signatures.

Always remember to use your email address when accessing your Georgia Tech DocuSign account. Department, alias and vanity Georgia Tech email address formats are not linked to your account and are treated as external DocuSign accounts.

Signing a Document Go to Top

You can sign a document when you receive a request for signature via email.

  1. Click on the "REVIEW DOCUMENT" link contained in an email to access the document(s) for signature.
  2. Accept the electronic signature agreement and click "CONTINUE".
  3. Review the document and click on the signature fields to apply your signature.
  4. When all signature fields have been completed, click "FINISH".

Requesting Signatures (Sending an Envelope) Go to Top

Tip: Envelopes are containers for documents in a signing transaction.

Step 1
Sign in with your GT account
( )
Select NEW > Send an Envelope

send envelope
Step 2
Upload document(s) to be signed by the recipient group
Step 3
Add recipients to the Envelope and if desired set a signing order and choose advanced options
Step 4
Drag signature (and any other desired additional) fields for each recipient onto the document(s) as needed
Step 5
Send the envelope

Sending a Signed DocumentGo to Top

Step 1
Sign in with your GT account
( )
Select NEW > Sign a Document

send envelope
Step 2
Upload document(s) to be signed & click SIGN
Step 3
Drag signature (and any other desired additional) fields onto the document(s) as needed & click FINISH
Step 4
In the SIGN AND RETURN window, enter the recipient information, subject line and include an optional message. Click SEND AND CLOSE
Step 5
Send the envelope

Optionally, click NO THANKS if you do not want to send the signed document. In either scenario, the signed document is saved in your DocuSign Documents.

Using Cloud Storage Solutions Go to Top

DocuSign integration is enabled with our approved cloud storage solutions: Dropbox, Microsoft SharePoint and Box. You can initiate a digital signature flow with files saved in your cloud storage. The overall process starts by selecting a file to send via DocuSign, adding recipients, placing fields on the document(s) and sending the file. The completed and signed document(s) are then saved to the folder where the original document resides.

graph outlining the process of sending a document with cloud storage
  • 1. Select DocuSign from the Share or ellipsis dropdown menu on the desired file.
  • 2. If prompted to log into DocuSign, enter your Georgia Tech DocuSign credentials (eg
  • 3. Complete the DocuSign required fields.
  • A. Choose recipients - remember to use the DocuSign Address Book ( address book icon ) to ensure the correct gtAccount email address is used.
  • B. Drag signature, date, name and any other desired fields onto the document as needed. Remember that each recipient will appear as a different color.
  • C. Review how recipients will view and interact with the document using RECIPIENT PREVIEW.
  • D. Click SEND.

  • Additional settings and DocuSign navigation are available in the ACTIONS menu:
  • Completed documents with signatures will be saved to the same location as the originating document. Depending on the cloud storage provider, a DocuSign Documents folder may be created.
  • These integrations enable senders and recipients to interact with their signature requests in DocuSign. Envelopes (packets of document(s) in a signing transaction), can be tracked, corrected and voided from within DocuSign after being sent.

Ways To Use GT eSignature Go to Top


Go to and log in using your GT Account and password
To create an envelope, sign a new document, or create a template click on NEW

Outlook Add-in

In the Outlook client, browse the Office Store for the 'docusign' Add-in
Click 'Get it now' to download the Add-in (Office 365 will launch in a browser window)
Install the DocuSign Add-in
The DocuSign add-in is available in the Outlook web client as an icon in the lower right when a new message is created

The DocuSign add-in is available in the Outlook desktop client as an Apps for Office Add-in in the top menu ribbon when a new message is created
Follow the prompts to attach document(s), add signers, and place signature placeholders in the document(s).
DocuSign will then send out the message with attachments to sign. The initial email used to launch the add-in can be closed without saving.

Mobile Applications

*Screenshots are from iOS

Search for the DocuSign app in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store from your mobile device.
Download the app

  1. Choose Login
  2. Enter your account
  3. Complete Georgia Tech authentication
  4. Complete Two-factor authentication
  5. The DocuSign application will load with your Georgia Tech account
  6. Access your account and settings if needed
mobile docusign login

Creating Department Forms as DocuSign TemplatesGo to Top

Departments should review their business processes and paper forms to determine what can be digitized and put in a DocuSign signature flow. Departments should identify one or a few personnel to develop and maintain department owned forms (templates) in DocuSign. There are training videos to review as well as guides and responsibilities when a user takes on enhanced privileges of a GT Admin in DocuSign.

After reviewing the training content and responsibilities available under the Support > GT Templates & Forms section, the person requesting enhanced DocuSign features can submit a request to have their account provisioned for template creation. After completion of the training and request to become an admin, an account can be provisioned with these elevated features.

Resources for DocuSign Users Provisioned for Template Creation

Templates must be reviewed and approved by the DocuSign Admins before the DocuSign Admins will publish them for campus use. Georgia Tech DocuSign is a shared environment. The review and approval process ensure rightful form owners have created accurate forms, have addressed departmental support for their forms, and have provided clear instructions on how users should access and complete DocuSign forms. FAILURE TO SUBMIT YOUR TEMPLATE FOR REVIEW PRIOR TO SHARING WITH THE CAMPUS WILL RESULT IN REVOKING YOUR ENHANCED PRIVILEGES.

PLAN YOUR TEMPLATE RELEASE TIMELINES ACCORDINGLY AND ALLOW SUFFICIENT TIME FOR THE FOLLOWING PHASES:  Vertical graph showing how to create a department form as a docusign template

Download the following DocuSign Template Review and Approval Request form as a checklist of required template components and as a means to submit the necessary information when requesting review. Complete the request form and email to the DocuSign Admins. Requests will be added to the template review queue and processed as quickly as possible.

Join Us On MS TeamsGo to Top

Please see our MS Teams Channel to access archived training sessions and become part of our growing Georgia Tech DocuSign Users community.

accessing Docusign Training videos

You are now ready to log in using your GT account and password!

Additionally, DocuSign has excellent support information on the DocuSign Support site as well as training opportunities using your DocuSign credentials ( through DocuSign University. Georgia Tech is licensed for the eSignature product and its features.

If you are looking to increase your department's knowledge and utilization of DocuSign and digital workflows, please contact us at so that we can discuss on-site or web based group training options.

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If you need additional help, request assistance.

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