Templates: Digital "Blueprints" for Frequently Used Forms

To truly unlock the power of GT eSignature, it helps when departments are empowered to innovate and create their forms and workflows digitally.

DocuSign templates help simplify and semi-automate the task of obtaining information and signatures on frequently used department forms, release waivers for research projects and administrative approvals. Templates are created and maintained by the departments that own the paper form and process. For example, a P-Card requisition form is maintained and available through the Business Services department. Likewise, a Human Resources (HR) form would be owned and curated by the HR department. A researcher may develop and require consent via an opt-in study waiver.

In order to ensure that current versions and accurate forms are being used across campus, each department must only create forms that are rightfully from their department. Contact appropriate departments to inquire about what forms they have digitized and have made available to campus. Refer to the DocuSign Functional Leads List for current contacts.

Staff, faculty and researchers interested in digitizing their paper forms for use in DocuSign should contact their DocuSign Functional Lead(s). Department DocuSign Functional Leads have taken template training and have agreed to take on the responsibility of working within their department to create and organize templates. If your department has not identified a DocuSign Functional Lead, consider becoming one and representing your department. If you need the enhanced functionality in DocuSign to create templates for your business process or research endeavors continue reading on how to become a GT DocuSign Admin.

Enhanced Privilege Access: GT DocuSign Admin

By participating as a GT DocuSign Admin, you'll have the ability to become the steward of important campus forms for your unit and help provision access to users that need it. With DocuSign you can design templates and forms from your actual paper documents and allow them to be used over and over again by anyone across campus. Digitizing your paper and PDF forms will enable users to easily and efficiently complete business processes that once took a considerable amount of time.

  • Take important online training
  • Identify the functional lead(s) (steward) for your unit
  • Act as a DocuSign liaison for other users in your department
  • Ensure that your department users do not duplicate digital forms
  • Stay current with published campus best practices for GT eSignature
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