Important! When sending a document to another Georgia Tech User, enter their (ex. in the recipient email field.
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1. Understand that while utilizing an electronic signature service you must adhere to the current institute policies and USG signature policies.

2. Using eSignature through Georgia Tech

Log into DocuSign

Log in to DocuSign using your credentials and click the blue "USE COMPANY LOGIN" button.

Create your electronic signature

  1. Click on your avatar in the upper right corner
  2. Select "My Preferences"
  3. Click on "+Add New" under the Signatures section
  4. Create Signature 1
  5. Choose a signature style (alternately, you can DRAW a signature on a touch screen or UPLOAD an image signature)
  6. Click the "CREATE" button to save your signature.
Create Signature 2

Signing a Document

You can sign a document when you receive a request for signature via email.

  1. Click on the "REVIEW DOCUMENT" link contained in an email to access the document(s) for signature.
  2. Accept the electronic signature agreement and click "CONTINUE".
  3. Review the document and click on the signature fields to apply your signature.
  4. When all signature fields have been completed, click "FINISH".

Sending a Document

Choosing Recipients

At Georgia Tech, the required email address format to use for campus eSignature recipients is:

You should choose a valid recipient by clicking the address book while in DocuSign:


You can also use the GT Account Lookup Tool to locate your recipient's GTaccount.

Requesting Signatures (Sending an Envelope)

Tip: Envelopes are containers for documents in a signing transaction.

Step 1
Sign in with your GT account
( )
Select NEW > Send an Envelope

send envelope
Step 2
Upload document(s) to be signed by the recipient group
Step 3
Add recipients to the Envelope and if desired set a signing order and choose advanced options
Step 4
Drag signature (and any other desired additional) fields for each recipient onto the document(s) as needed
Step 5
Send the envelope

Sending a Signed Document

Step 1
Sign in with your GT account
( )
Select NEW > Sign a Document

send envelope
Step 2
Upload document(s) to be signed & click SIGN
Step 3
Drag signature (and any other desired additional) fields onto the document(s) as needed & click FINISH
Step 4
In the SIGN AND RETURN window, enter the recipient information, subject line and include an optional message. Click SEND AND CLOSE
Step 5
Send the envelope

Optionally, click NO THANKS if you do not want to send the signed document. In either scenario, the signed document is saved in your DocuSign Documents.

3. Ways to use GT eSignature


Go to and log in using your GT Account and password
To create an envelope, sign a new document, or create a template click on NEW

Outlook Add-in

In the Outlook client, browse the Office Store for the 'docusign' Add-in
Click 'Get it now' to download the Add-in (Office 365 will launch in a browser window)
Install the DocuSign Add-in
The DocuSign add-in is available in the Outlook web client as an icon in the lower right when a new message is created

The DocuSign add-in is available in the Outlook desktop client as an Apps for Office Add-in in the top menu ribbon when a new message is created
Follow the prompts to attach document(s), add signers, and place signature placeholders in the document(s).
DocuSign will then send out the message with attachments to sign. The initial email used to launch the add-in can be closed without saving.

App(Android & iOS)

*Screenshots are from iOS

Search for the DocuSign app in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store from your mobile device.
Downlaod the app

Sign in using your GT account credentials and press CONTINUE
Press Use COMPANY LOGIN when prompted. You will then be required to authenticate through CAS and two factor (DUO).


4. Understand how to get help with questions and issues. Check DocuSign's extensive support library first. If you need additional help, request assistance.

5. You are now ready to log in using your GT account and password!

Upcoming Training Sessions

Please see our MS Teams Channel to access archived training sessions.

Keeping in line with Georgia Tech's goals of being a green and sustainable campus, eSignature enables paperless documentation requiring signatures. eSignature helps to streamline business processes, making institute workflows digital and accessible from anywhere with any device.

2018-05: Welcome to Georgia Tech's eSignature application utilizing DocuSign technologies. Faculty, staff and students now have access to an efficient digital signature solution.

2018-07: You can now connect with GT Esignature Via MS Teams.

What are the components of a transaction?

Similar to a paper signature transaction, eSignature transactions can have one or many documents to be signed. An envelope is a container that holds the documents in a single transaction together through the eSignature process. Documents can contain common user input fields such as: initials, signatures, date and textboxes.

Who can use Georgia Tech eSignature?

Georgia Tech eSignature is available for use by the entire campus community. Staff and Faculty will be able to create, send and sign envelopes. All Students will be able to receive and sign envelopes. Students working on behalf of a university group and authorized by faculty or staff will be able to create and send envelopes. To request employee level access for students, a faculty or staff member should include the student's information, affiliation and business purpose on this form.

How will I know when a document is finished in the signature process?

Requests for signatures as well as transaction updates are delivered to recipients via email. After documents are sent for signature, the sender will receive updates during the signing process when recipients view and sign. Once everyone in the signing distribution completes their signatures, everyone in the group receives an email that the signing process has been completed.

How long with my documents be available in DocuSign?

Documents 'in process' and completed will be accessible within DocuSign for six months from the send date. DocuSign is not a document repository. Signed documents that need to be saved should be kept in a secure local location or department shared location. Please adhere to university and departmental record retention policies.

How do I contact the sender if I have questions about the document before I sign?

To contact the sender, you can simply reply to the email requesting your signature.

What devices can be used for eSignatures?

On any device where you have access to your email, you can complete an eSignature transaction- web browser on a computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Where can I learn more about eSignatures and DocuSign?

DocuSign's support site has more information for document senders as well as signers. There are written explanations, guided steps and training videos.

Contact us with any additional questions or concerns.